Given his tender years it’s difficult not to be impressed with his musical prowess. Lyrically literate enough to express himself in a far more meaningful manner than many people twice his age he mines nuggets of emotional honesty that shine when given voice.


To immerse yourself in his songs elicits a powerful response. He bravely opens the door and lays himself open. Similar to Jeff Buckley there is an intensity to his performance, but unlike Buckley who hid behind a lyrically cryptic style Colin instead casts a light on every corner of his heart and soul in language that anyone can comfortably empathise with.


Tales of sadness, loss and longing are nothing new, but listening to Colin express himself on these subjects is akin to leafing through a private diary that most of us would have hidden under lock and key from prying eyes. It’s this blistering honesty that separates him from the other singers and songwriters that proliferate. It’s quietly raw and difficult to turn away from, exhausting in it voyeuristic charm and ultimately hugely rewarding to the listener.


The future is of course unwritten, but it would be safe to say that this young artist is going to leave his footprints in the sand as there is little doubt that people will be listening to him for many years to come no matter what degree of success he enjoys.


Colin's brand new album 'Maths Teacher' produced by JP "Dragon" Reid of Sucioperro and Marmaduke Duke, who worked with Biffy Clyro on their number one album Opposites.

Colin Hunter Album - Do Re Me
Colin Hunter Album - Do Re Me

Being in love.

Colin's second album 'Being in love' came out in May 2017 and is available to purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon.

Colin Hunter Album - Do Re Me

(do, re, me!)

Colin's first full length studio album 'do, re, me!' is out now on iTunes and Spotify, and includes the single ‘Standfast’.


Listen to Colin's live acoustic recordings, music videos, cover songs and live shows.


Colin gives a stunning performance of 'Stand Fast' on STV's The Riverside Show, performs all the instruments on his single 'Red in My Painting', puts his own twist on covers of some classic songs and performs live at local festivals.


Contact Colin for info on upcoming live shows, for bookings and general enquiries.


[email protected]

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